Fubar 2

Terra Hazelton: Fubar 2

September 9, 2010 marked the world premiere of FUBAR 2 (dir. Michael Dowse), the long-awaited sequel to the Canadian headbanger mockumentary which became a cult classic in 2002. The sequel marks Terra’s feature film debut, in which her portrayal of local waitress ‘Trish’ rounds out the classic headbanger duo of Terry and Dean.

Terra Hazleton Fubar 2 31st Genie Award











“…Hazelton gives one of the breakout performances at TIFF 2010…”

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“…the real breakaway performance in the movie was Terra Hazelton… It’s rare to see someone who can do something that’s funny, dramatic and believable all at once. This is her first film role but I think that her’s is a face we’ll get used to…”

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National Post: ****

“…Hazelton is a perfect addition in the role of bartender Trish…”

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“Highly satisfying”

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“But what’s most satisfying about the new movie is just how emotionally raw it turns out to be.”

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“Funnier and livelier than the first one”

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